We prepare your students for life after education...

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Enterprise for Education

In Figures: 100,000+ Individuals Inspired Since 2012

Key Benefits for Students

Working towards the fulfillment of the: OFSTED Common Inspection Framework criteria for ‘Enterprise’

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    Raise Expectations

    Raise the expectations of your students to a higher level than what they currently believe they can achieve

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    Ongoing Personal Development

    Demonstrate the presence of an ongoing personal development plan for all pupils

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    Prepare for the Real World

    Prepare your learners for the real World after education and provide realistic career or business expectations

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    Boost Awareness & Confidence

    Increases your students’ SELF AWARENESS and CONFIDENCE

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    Alternative Pathways

    Enterprise education provides alternative options to pupils who may be underperforming in traditional education

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    Reduce Bullying & Increase Equality

    Reduce BULLYING, by increasing EQUALITY & DIVERSITY through team building games and exercises

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    Improve Attitude

    Increased pupil BEHAVIOUR and ATTITUDE

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    Employment Guidance

    Guidance on behaviour and conduct in the job market and on interviews

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    Increased Employabilty

    The closely guarded SECRET on how to GET THE JOB your students want, almost every time

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    Better School Performance

    Increased grades through increased awareness of their own goals and aspirations

Our Packages

Base Package

2 hours (Keynote & Questions)

1 hour keynote, followed by 1 hour Q&A session

Intermediate Package

½ day (Keynote with Enterprise Workshop

1 hour keynote, followed by 1 hour Q&A session

Then 1 enterprise game OR teacher training session

Full Package

Full day (Keynote, Workshop & Teacher Training)

1 hour keynote, followed by 1 hour Q&A session

Then 2 enterprise games

AND teacher training session

About Your Main Speaker

Neil McCoy-Ward helps pupils to reach their true potential through powerful and effective speeches and workshops for educational establishments to better meet OFSTED inspection criteria…

In figures:

  • 100,000 people inspired and trained since 2012.
  • Ex-British Army Sergeant, with 10 years service, 3 of those as support staff with Special Forces.
  • Awarded three Service medals, and one Commendation for distinguished service in Afghanistan.
  • Successful Entrepreneur: Director of SEVEN companies and Founder of the Forward Thinking Group (UK)
  • A powerful role model to thousands of young people throughout the UK…


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